Here is a street style fashion brand based in London Skatanist that is pretty awesome!
I for sure fell for their Skate or die white logo sunglasses, made of black plastic, round plastic lens...just love them.




They really nailed the 70´s surf / beach style here

Vogue UK April 2015 
Photographer: Josh Olins 
Stylist: Clare Richardson 
Models: Julia Bergshoeff & John John Florence




"Introducing Abysse, a collection of wetsuits made for women who are tomboys at heart and believe the ocean is a magic place"
Couldn't said it better self, but Hanalei Reponty the creator of this absolute fabulous wetsuit brand Abysse, was first. It for sure sailing up as number one wetsuite brand for me this year, look at all those outfits for both scuba and surf. 
Love it and they ship to Europe.




 So far February and beginning of March has proven to be a capricious mistress. I just cant wait to get back on the board. Next week looks all right though;D My longboard is just standing there waiting to get in the water with me. In the meantime enjoy this beautiful short-film Reiki a deep winter exploration of surf and snow in monochrome with music from the movie Amelie from Montmartre.