When one of my favourite brand kicking it in Italy. Following the coast to get some waves all the way down to Sicily. I can just picture how good this lookbook from Seea will be. Here are a few inspiring shoots, my favourite is the sunny one when they are standing in the middle of a lemon field, just imagine how good that must smell. See the full story here.




Well the last couple of weeks I been having an absolute fantastic time, but there have also been hard work. Setting up a new business is always something trigging but also kind of scary. There are these days when everything feels impossible, hard just miserable but like one of the coolest girls on earth says: 

"I can choose to be happy, or choose to be miserable every day - waiting until I die."
- Angel Haze-




Getting ready for Autumn with laces, metal and layers from Free People. Dree Hemingway is showing us the finest items from the October look-book and I am for sure not disappointed!




This surfer girl have some true words to share.

"Growing up on a small island, surrounded by coral reef, as well as all sorts of colourful fishes, graceful stingrays, curious turtles, smart dolphins and sharks, the ocean has become a second home to me. When I was a child, every opportunity I had, every day, every hour, I wanted to spend it in the ocean. I have swam with sting rays countless times, and I will never get over their grace and beauty in the water. Dolphins will never cease to amaze me with their smart, curious and playful mind. My dad took my family and I on our boat every sunday and we roamed the sea, in search of empty paradise. My brother and I spent hours diving, swimming, and exploring the water and all its treasures. One day, we came upon a whale, and as we jumped in the water, my heart skipped a beat. The enormous animal was right next to me, observing me with tranquility. I felt so small. My chest started vibrating when it started singing. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Through surfing, my love for the ocean became stronger and deeper. All I need is being in the ocean to resrouce myself, to be happy, to be in sync with mother nature. To feel free.

As a child, dreams and reality was blurred. My dreams were alive under water.
I am lucky to say that my playground was the ocean. I want my future children to feel the same way, to be amazed by the beautifulness of our oceans and marine life, and believe in it’s magic."

- Hanalei Reponty -